5.11 Tactical RUSH 24 Backpack

by Jeff on December 19, 2011

Military gear is popular with soldiers and civilians alike because of the high degree of functionality found in these products. When you purchase something intended to be used under the extreme conditions typically found in a war zone, you can be confident that the item will stand up to whatever you dish out while on patrol or off duty.

This principle is on full display with the RUSH 24 backpack from the makers of 5.11 Tactical gear. The RUSH 24 is a molle pack that utilizes the very latest in load-bearing technology and is similar to the military gear issued to members of the U.S. armed forces. It is made of water-resistant 1050-denier nylon for long-lasting performance and incorporates a web platform for attaching various accessories to the exterior.

In Denny Hansen’s video review of the RUSH 24, the following features received the biggest raves:

  • Flexible main storage compartment. The flexible main compartment comes with internal dividers to help keep all your tactical gear nicely organized and readily accessible.
  • Hydration compartment. Staying hydrated is critical whether you’re out patrolling a border or just hunting on the weekend. The RUSH 24 comes with a large, closed-cell hydration compartment that can hold a CamelBak or similar product.
  • Mainframe padding. Unlike some cheaper military gear backpacks, the RUSH 24 has mainframe padding that keeps your back and kidneys comfortable even under the heaviest loads.
  • Yoke shoulder strap system. Instead of separate shoulder straps, this pack uses a yoke system that helps distribute weight evenly for a more comfortable carry.
  • Multiple storage pockets and compartments. A backpack can’t really be considered tactical gear if it doesn’t come with plenty of storage pockets and compartments. The RUSH 24 has a bunch of them so you can pack a medical kit, MREs, a cell phone, GPS device, keys, MP3 player, sunglasses, and everything else you need.
  • Nametape and flag holders. Make sure you distinguish your own military gear from stuff belonging to others by affixing your name or company flag right on the pack.

If you’re looking for a new molle backpack that allows you to carry all your equipment and accessories comfortably, then check out the RUSH 24. Like other 5.11 Tactical gear, this is a superior product that exceeds all performance expectations.


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