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Brief History of Handcuffs

by Jeff on January 23, 2012

To some people, the handcuffs used by today’s law enforcement officers and agents as standard police equipment might seem like a relatively modern invention. While that’s technically true as far as specific designs go, the need for restraining disorderly or dangerous subjects has existed since prehistoric times. Let’s take a brief look at how restraints […]

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When you go out on night patrols, you need some different police equipment than when you work during the daytime. Of particular importance is having a portable light source that will allow you to read or write in dark conditions so you can consult your codebook, take notes, or fill out reports. Instead of trying […]

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The Hatch D1 Patrol Police Supply Bag

by Jeff on December 12, 2011

One key to being a successful law enforcement officer is keeping your police equipment organized in a single location. This allows you to be ready to go at a moment’s notice and also ensures that you don’t misplace your flashlight, codebook, or other essential gear after going off duty or switching fleet cars. The best […]

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OTIS Technology Pistol Gun Cleaning System

by Jeff on October 10, 2011

As a law enforcement officer, one of your regular responsibilities is to maintain all of your police equipment in top condition so that each item performs reliably when needed. This of course includes your service gun, which should be cleaned after every trip to the range or after being discharged while on the job. That’s […]

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Types And Techniques of Expandable Batons

by Jeff on September 19, 2011

Most law enforcement personnel will tell you that they spend the bulk of their training time at the shooting range perfecting their technique with firearms. That’s understandable, given the type of life and death situations that might require them to draw their gun during a shift. But the very best patrol officers are the ones […]

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