How to Choose the Right Gun Holster

by Jeff on January 16, 2012

The perfect gun holster gives you both a physical and a psychological advantage. On the one hand, a good holster is comfortable and doesn’t lead to soreness or fatigue due to poor ergonomics. This helps keep you fresh, alert, and ready for situations that require the use of your firearm. On the other hand, a good holster also allows for a smooth draw. You know you’ll be able to extract your weapon quickly and precisely, which boosts your confidence and gives you the mental edge you need for armed confrontations.

But choosing from all the different carry styles can be a bit confusing. Are shoulder holsters best for you or should you wear your gun on your belt instead? Are ankle holsters the only option for your secondary weapon? Before making a decision, consider the following factors:

  • Security. Your weapon should fit snugly enough in the holster that it doesn’t slip or drop out while sitting, walking, or running. Most belt and shoulder holsters employ straps, snaps, or tension screws to aid in achieving a secure fit.
  • Access. Having unimpeded access to your firearm is often a matter of life or death. Shoulder holsters are easier to draw from while seated, but a belt or paddle holster might be better if you stand a lot or walk while on patrol. Ankle holsters are the least accessible and should only be used for a secondary weapon.
  • Comfort. Since you will be wearing your holster for 8-10 hours per day or more, comfort becomes a major issue. Look for an ergonomic holster that distributes weight evenly, is padded, and won’t dig into your body.
  • Concealment. If concealment is a big concern, then inside-the-pant and shoulder holsters are both excellent choices. Ankle holsters also offer superior concealment capabilities for a smaller backup weapon.

Finding the perfect gun holster can be a challenge, but using the above tips as a general guideline can help with the process. Remember to visit to view our lineup of belt, shoulder, paddle, inside-the-pant, and ankle holsters when you’re ready to make your final selection.

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