Reviewing The QuiqLite Hands-Free Uniform Light

by Jeff on December 26, 2011

When you go out on night patrols, you need some different police equipment than when you work during the daytime. Of particular importance is having a portable light source that will allow you to read or write in dark conditions so you can consult your codebook, take notes, or fill out reports. Instead of trying to perform these functions by holding a penlight between your teeth, check out the QuiqLite Hands-Free Uniform Light from CopsPlus, the premiere online police supply store.

The QuiqLite Hands-Free Uniform Light is a slim yet sturdy product that is designed to clip vertically into a uniform pocket or in the button area of a polo shirt. Wearing one on a regular basis and carrying an extra in your police supply bag is a smart move because of these features and benefits:

  • Aluminum housing. The QuiqLite is meant to be used as standard police equipment, so it is protected by water-resistant aluminum housing to absorb the scratches and dings from drops and impacts that occur while on duty.
  • Two brightness settings. Push the button once to activate one LED; push twice to activate both LEDs. Hit the button a third time to switch the unit off.
  • Safety strobe mode. Push and hold the button down for 3 seconds to activate the safety strobe mode, which can emit a pulsing light for 50+ hours.
  • Adjustable LED arm. You can swivel the LED arm up to 180 degrees, which enables you to point the lens in a specific direction. Aim the light straight ahead when talking to a witness or rotate it downward to search through your police supply bag for a spare notebook or pen.
  • Does not impair night vision. Standard police equipment flashlights are much too bright for certain situations and can disrupt your vision for a short period of time, thereby putting you in an extremely vulnerable position. The QuiqLite emits a sufficient amount of light for reading and writing without being so bright as to impair your night vision.
  • Auto-off feature. The QuiqLite automatically shuts off after 10 minutes, which means you don’t have to worry about battery drain if you accidentally leave it on after storing it in your police supply bag once your shift is over.

For a closer look at how the QuiqLlite Hands-Free Uniform Light can make you a more efficient officer and why this item should be part of your standard police equipment, check out Rob Pincus’ full video review. Once you’re convinced this light is right for you, visit to place your order!

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