Reviewing The Safariland 6280 SLS Hooded Level II Duty Holster

by Jeff on December 5, 2011

Safariland is one of the top manufacturers of duty holsters for law enforcement and tactical operations in this country. Many LEOs are issued a Safariland holster as part of their duty gear, and a large number of these officers end up purchasing the same product for their personal weapon because of the comfort, safety, reliability, and overall quality associated with the brand.

Recently, CopsPlus and S.W.A.T. Magazine reviewer Rob Pincus had a chance to field test one of Safariland’s bestselling duty holsters, the 6280 SLS Hooded model. This is a Level II holster with a rolling hood that serves as an active retention mechanism. In Rob’s expert opinion, the highlights of this holster are:

  • Tensioning device. Every holster in your duty gear collection should accommodate your service weapon as snugly as possible without impeding your draw stroke. With the tensioning device in the 6280 SLS, you can tighten the holster to fit the dimensions of your gun regardless of the make or model.
  • Two levels of retention. The first level of retention is the secure fit the holster provides for your weapon after the tensioning device has been set. Once your gun is placed in the 6280 SLS, it is not going to fall out on its own. The second level of retention is the rolling hood that must be actively engaged and released by the user.
  • Intuitive hood release motion. The rolling hood is nicely designed and well-placed on the holster. Unlike some other duty holsters, the release motion on the 6280 SLS is completely intuitive, and lets you draw your weapon with a natural grip so you’re ready to aim and fire instantly.
  • Suede lining. Like the rest of your duty gear, your service weapon is prone to surface damage from regular wear and tear. The suede lining of the 6280 SLS goes a long way towards protecting your gun while also allowing for an ultra-smooth and quiet draw.

When it comes to high-quality duty holsters, nobody beats Safariland’s combination of ergonomic design, excellent functionality, and quality construction. Whether the 6280 SLS is given to you with the rest of your duty gear or whether you purchase it for private use, you can be sure you’re getting one of the best products on the market.

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