Tactical Gear and Military Police Equipment

by Jeff on November 28, 2011

When looking for tactical gear and military police equipment online, you need a store that offers a large selection of the highest quality name brand merchandise at discount prices. That’s why it pays to shop exclusively at CopsPlus.com. You won’t find better deals or bigger inventory on Blackhawk, Bianchi, Galco, 5.11, and Streamlight products anywhere else on the net, which means you can outfit yourself from head to toe in the latest apparel and accessories without spending a ton of money.

Here’s just a partial listing of the tactical gear you can find on our website:

Headgear, goggles, and hearing protection

When you go out on patrol or a mission, it’s critical to protect your head, eyes, and ears not only from impact, ballistics, and fragments, but also from the elements. We carry every kind of head covering you might need, from military police equipment like riot helmets and Blackhawk MICH helmets to caps, beanies, and fire-resistant hoods. We also stock a variety of sunglasses, safety glasses, and goggles, as well as disposable earplugs and electronic noise-reducing earmuffs.

Body armor, jackets, and vests

Modern body armor is so light, flexible, and comfortable that there’s no excuse to go on duty without it. We offer concealable body armor from trusted manufacturers such as Armor Express and GH Armor Systems, plus we have a terrific selection of composite armor plates.

Jackets and vests are also important parts of your tactical gear because they shield you from harsh weather conditions while also providing numerous pockets and compartments for your weapons, communication equipment, and accessories. We sell the very latest styles from Tru-Spec, 5.11, Blackhawk, and more.

Batons, holsters, and restraints

If you’re looking to update your police equipment, then you’ll be interested in our lineup of batons, sidearm holsters, and restraints. You can choose from expandable, fixed length, or training batons, along with various holders, leverage caps, and wrist straps. We also offer many styles of holsters, including shoulder holsters, belt holsters, ankle holsters, and inside-the-pants holsters, so you’re sure to find one that matches your personal preference. And you can also pick up handcuffs, leg & waist chains, and disposable restraints while shopping at CopsPlus.com.


It is a good idea to replace your footwear regularly, so be sure to browse our collection of steel toe, waterproof, tactical, desert ops, and jungle boots. If dress oxfords or training (running) shoes are more your style, we’ve got those too.


Of course, we also carry a full range of accessories that can help improve your performance and effectiveness in the field, including flashlights, weapon lights, pepper spray, knives, multi-tools, night vision optics, spotting scopes, binoculars, gloves, police equipment bags, and a whole lot more.

As mentioned above, this is merely a partial listing of all the great tactical gear we have at CopsPlus.com. Basically, whatever apparel or equipment you might need for training or duty use can be purchased from our store. Our selection really has to be seen to be appreciated, so visit the site today and have a look for yourself!

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