The Importance of Police Equipment

by Jeff on January 9, 2012

The importance of police equipment should be evident to anyone who has ever put on a uniform. Without the right tools, you’ll be unable to do the job you signed up for—namely, to protect and serve the public.

Many law enforcement officers choose and purchase their own police equipment from a list of products approved by the department. If this is how your department deals with duty gear, then the burden is clearly on you to choose reliable, quality products and to make sure you are equipped to handle virtually any situation that might come up while on the job.

Your specific needs will of course vary according to your position and regular duties. For example, patrol cops would likely have to carry expandable batons, but detectives obviously wouldn’t. Bearing that in mind, here is a list of some of the key pieces of police equipment you should buy or at least consider purchasing:

  • Firearm. This is a no-brainer. If you have some freedom of choice as to your duty weapon, head to the range and test out a few different guns before selecting one.
  • Holster. Choosing a holster is all about comfort and access. Some LEOs prefer shoulder holsters that allow them to sit comfortably, while others prefer belt holsters because of the easier draw. Holsters are largely a matter of personal taste, so pick the style that feels best to you.
  • Nonlethal weapons. Expandable batons, Tasers, and pepper spray guns are just a few of the nonlethal weapons LEOs carry to help subdue hostiles.
  • Restraints. Restraints such as metal handcuffs, disposable handcuffs (zip ties), and leg & waist chains are essential for controlling subjects once they’re in custody.
  • Flashlights. You won’t always be working in ideal lighting conditions, so having your own source of light is a must. Standard flashlights, penlights, clip lights, and weapon lights are valuable tools for any cop.
  • Cases, holders, and belts. Be sure to buy appropriate cases, holders, and belts to keep your expandable batons, flashlights, cuffs, spare magazines, radio, and other police equipment organized and accessible.
  • Miscellaneous accessories. You might also find sunglasses, gloves, heat/cold gear, hearing protection, gear bags, multi-tools/pocket knives and other miscellaneous accessories to be helpful for training or duty use.

The importance of your police equipment cannot be overstated. When you know you have the right firearms, expandable batons, Tasers, and restraints for the job, you’ll be physically and mentally prepared for anything that comes your way. The products listed above are available now at, so go to the site and spend your gear allowance wisely.

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