The Mace Pepper Gun

by Jeff on January 2, 2012

When you’re out on patrol, it’s important to carry a nonlethal weapon that can incapacitate hostiles from short range. An expandable baton is great for situations where the suspect is within arm’s reach, but you also need something for distances of 10-25 feet so you don’t have to pull your duty pistol unnecessarily. That’s where pepper spray guns can prove to be highly effective.

At, we carry a pepper spray gun by Mace Security that is very popular for both law enforcement and self-defense use. The Mace gun comes with high strength OC spray (.74 Capsaicinoids) in a disposable cartridge and has an advanced delivery system capable of emitting a targeted stream that reaches up to 25 feet.

Additional features of the Mace pepper spray gun include:

  • Easy loading mechanism. You simply push a lever on the side of the gun to open it, and then you remove the old OC spray cartridge and add a new one.
  • Built-in LED light. The built-in LED activates when you pull the trigger and serves two purposes. First, it can momentarily disorient the would-be assailant and throw him off guard for a moment. Second, it can enhance your aim.
  • Inert practice cartridge. As with any weapon, you’ll want to practice with your OC spray gun until you get comfortable using it. That’s what the water-filled cartridge is for.
  • Bag-in-a-can technology. The advanced delivery system uses bag-in-a-can technology to allow for a constant stream of OC spray to be directed in any direction and at any angle to temporarily disable hostiles.
  • Compact size. The Mace gun is compact enough to carry in your pocket, duty gear bag, or purse so you can always keep it with you.

Overall, the Mace pepper spray gun is a very valuable nonlethal weapon that is capable of incapacitating subjects so you can call for backup, put on restraints, or, in self-defense situations, escape to safety. Be sure to watch Denny Hansen’s video review of the product for more information, and then go to to make your purchase.

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